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Breakdancing Workshop

Breakdancing Workshop


Date: Sunday, Oct. 20th, From 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Pre-reqs: None
“Ever feel the urge to groove?
Ever wish to be one with the funk?
Have you ever aspired to make the floor your oyster?”Take this “Breakdance Basics” workshop
A 2 hour introduction into the world of breakdancing.

The day’s agenda shall include:
Partnered coordination exercises
Special four-elements demonstration by instructor

Toprock basics
Floorwork basics
Break (no pun intended)
secondary warm-ups
Freeze introduction
A grand cypher finaleSpecial instructions:
-All attendees are encouraged to wear leg garments which extend BELOW THE KNEE, so as to prevent unwanted carpet/floor/pad burns.
-Hats (without top obstructions) are encouraged
-Please remove all jewelry (Lest your hands, fingers, neck, and body can interact with the floor naturally and unburdened with their presence)
Lastly, but surely not least * Enthusiasm is always welcome *


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