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Program Improvements 2014


Thanks to all your feedback, we are pleased to announce the following improvements to our aerial dance program! These will be incrementally rolled-out in the coming months.

  • Updated rates and packages

    On Jan. 1 2014 we updated our rates and packages to better serve you and be more in-line with our program. We have decreased the cost of our starter package (Discovery Package $125) to the new Monthly Membership for $90. This will save you money in exchange for more consistent attendance (which BTW makes you a better aerialist too :-). And if you have a serious Sky Gym addiction (like 3 or more times a week) then our Unlimited Membership ($225) will also save you some dough. Finally, the 10 class punch card is designed for less regular visits but are also a great way to share classes! The Frequent Flyer membership ($199) has morphed into our 12-month membership contract. Save 30% off packages with a 12-month auto-pay commitment, with no money due up front! Saves you money up front, gives us more commitment, and makes everyone happy.

  • 75 minute class format

    We have increased many of our class lengths from 60-75 minutes to give you more time in the air! As we transition into this new format, we will be offering an optional guided or self-guided warm-up 15 minutes prior to the original class start.  On the hour, the whole class will join in a 5 minute focused warm-up, and enjoy 55 minutes in the air! Some classes may not be offered in the new format yet, and some will be self-guided warm-ups; but we are working diligently to transition classes to the new format in the upcoming months

  • Class Assistants

    You may have noticed the increase in assistants spotting and demonstrating during class. We are working to provide each class with assistants where it is feasible. Your feedback is always appreciated!

  • Updated Level Progressions

    We will be updating aerial silks level progressions with a significantly new feel. Now, each level will focus on three main areas: Technique, Choreography, and Conditioning. To test out, you will be required to complete a three pronged evaluation during the last weekend of the month. This new method will bring back a focus on strength and endurance, and incorporate performance elements much earlier in the curriculum. The new system will only test on a core number of fundamental skills (10-15), and will rely on the conditioning and choreography to round out the education. We think you all are going to love the new style! 2/4/14 Level 1 is now updated. Ask for the blue skill sheets or download here. 

  • Level Bands

    Each level will soon have its own level-specific-colored Sky Gym embossed silicon bands. Students will get a free band when they test into each level, and expected to wear it during supervised practice. The bands will also correspond to the same colored tape on the trusses indicating the maximum working height for each level. Replacement or additional bands are just $1.

  • Aerial Encyclopedia

    We are currently developing an encyclopedia of all of our aerial silks skills with corresponding photos, descriptions, and eventually supplemental tutorial videos.  Each student will have a unique log-in and be able to view the skills that they have learned at our studio. We are honored to be a beta-test studio for this unique software so please be patient with its implementation.

  • ACE (American Circus Educators) certification

    We are extremely pleased to announce the new national aerial studio certification program brought to you by AYCO (American Youth Circus Organization). We have started the process of being one of the early adopters of the new standards. It is a lengthy and thorough process, but well worth the investment. You may notice some minor updates and modifications to our program as we work to bring it in line with the new national requirements.

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