Sky Gym

Vertical Theater Workshop


Date: Sunday, 5/25/14
Times: 10am-2pm
Cost: $55
Levels: Level 2+. You must be comfortable on an aerial apparatus enough to explore and sequence skills.
Register: Register here.
The Vertical Theatre Method is an investigation of aerial arts with the focal point of theatricality and authenticity of both movement and content. The Method has been in development since 2007 by artists Rain Anya and Sarah Bebe Holmes. This workshop is a performative-based workshop exploring the expressive nature of aerials using improvisation, physical theatre, musicality, character, and exercises in stage presence.  Layering your aerial work with creativity and content, we will work with techniques for expressing human emotion and storytelling within the movement. Looking at creative approaches to building an act or performance piece, this workshop is for students who feel comfortable on an apparatus enough that they can explore beyond the tricks. In addition to character work we will also play with the inventiveness and freshness that can still be found in choreography, finding through both intention and mistakes.

Check out a blog article about one of our recent workshops called “The Expressive Aerialist” which utilizes some of the philosophies in the Vertical Theatre Method

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