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Sky Dance Classes

Sky Dance Classes


Dance on air with our Sky Dance classes! This program teaches fundamental techniques and skills in aerial silks that will eventually lead to building aerial performances. Even with no previous experience, the Sky Dance program will train you to become a strong, knowledgeable and confident aerial artist through a progressive series of classes. Explore movements and shapes, create choreography, and find your own style as you weave in and out of the fabrics. For experienced aerialists, our more advanced classes will challenge you, polish your technique and style, and prepare you to perform or audition for pre-professional programs. The Sky Dance program is paced for active students in good health ages 12 and up.

Intro to Sky Dance

(L0) Intro to Sky Dance

This is a required, one-time, first class for all students with no previous aerial experience. You must take this class before joining Flight School or Sling classes.

Try the Introduction to Sky Dance to get a feel for flying. This class is designed for beginners with no aerial experience, so don’t worry, even if you have little upper body strength, you will still be able to do the basic moves. For those with more upper body and core strength, you will be introduced to advanced variations on the basic poses that will challenge and inspire you too. All your future classes will build on the basics skills that you will learn today. Express your creativity in the air as you tone your body. Surprise yourself by replicating poses from Cirque du Soleil, and dream of your own debut.Sign up button

Aerial Sling

(L1) Sling Classes

Pre-requisite: (L0) Intro to Sky Dance

After your Intro to Sky Dance class, jump right into (L1) Sling classes. The sling provides a fixed support making the classes great for students who want to immediately delve into sequencing poses and those who are still building grip and core strength. Students will start learning poses and sequences that familiarize them with suspended movement and 360 orientation. They’ll also learn basic aerial techniques that form the foundation of more advanced skills and choreography. Upper level sling classes are available for students who are experienced and confident with (L1) Sling material.

Aerial Silks

(L1+) Flight School

Pre-requisite: (L0) Intro to Sky Dance
Strength Requirements: 15 second hang, inversion in knot without jumping from ground

If you are ready for a challenge, attend Flight School classes to learn foundational techniques on the aerial silk tails. The aerial silk tails require a significant amount of grip strength and core strength, so to get the most out of Flight School classes, we recommend being comfortable with the strength requirements listed above. You will learn the basics of climbing, tying your feet in, and inverting upside down. You will gain a solid understanding of the theory and proper technique behind the basic skills that form the building blocks of the rest of your training. When you feel confident with the skills in Flight School, you can attend any Supervised Practice and request to be evaluated by a trainer to test into upper level Sky Dance classes.

Aerial Silks

(L2-5) Sky Dance

Pre-requisites: Pass evaluation for each level

Upper level Sky Dance classes will challenge experienced students with more strength intensive sequences, more complicated choreography, and more focus on exploration, creativity, style, and polish. Below is a list of upper level classes and a link to their pre-requisite skills. To join an upper level class, attend any Supervised Practice and ask the trainer on duty to evaluate you. If you pass, you will be approved to join the class.

  • (L2) Knots and Wraps – upright sequences based on foot-locks
  • (L3) Locked Inversions – sequences based on foot-locks that require inversions
  • (L4) Open Inversions- sequences based on inversions with no support
  • (L5) Dynamic Tails- dynamic sequences involving high degree of experience and control

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