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Street Team 2017 Boot Camp & Auditions

Street Team 2017 Boot Camp & Auditions

Street Team Boot Camp

Date: Saturday, April 22nd 5-9pm
Cost: $65
Experience: 6+ months
Ages: 12+

This workshop will prepare participants for Street Team auditions. It will have the same flow as the auditions, and throughout the segments we will talk about what the judges are looking for in the auditions. Begin with an teamwork building warm-up followed by an intensive ground based conditioning session to learn how the professionals prepare for training. You will work with the group to set-up the portable aerial rig. Next, you will be introduced to technique for improvisation and the basics of performance. You will perform multiple times during the workshop and receive feedback from each round. After the improv segment, we will focus on building dynamic and engaging solo performances which will be used as your audition piece. You will perform in front of the group and get individual feedback about how it would be scored and points of improvement. We will take down the rig as a group. Finally, the group will be led through an active stretching sequence designed to build flexibility through daily practice. A Q&A session about audition requirements and logistics will follow.

Street Team Auditions

Date: Sunday, April 30th 5-9pm
Cost: Free
Experience: 6+ months
Ages: 12+

We are pleased to announce a fantastic opportunity for aspiring performers! The Street Team is a group of 12 active Sky Gym students who will represent our studio through aerial demonstrations at special public events including festivals, community events, outdoor promotions and more. Audition criteria will be based on the following:

  • Warm-up, conditioning, and stretching technique
  • Build and strike portable aerial rig
  • Teamwork
  • Solo Acts
    • 2 min on any apparatus
    • Tightly choreographed to music of choice
    • Technique and Efficiency of movement
    • Engaging and dramatic
  • Improv
    • 10 minutes on any apparatus
    • Improvisation to variety of music
    • Technique and Endurance
    • Flow and Transitions

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