Sky Gym

Lesson Plans

Open Inversions

. Challenge yourself to push your limits with open inversions. This class focuses on poses and sequences built from unlocked inversions which require a high degree of core and upper body strength.

Locked Inversions

. Get ready to turn your world upside down. Locked inversions require significant core and upper body strength, so prepare to tone and burn. Learn inverted poses and sequences built off knots that provide support.

Knots and Wraps

Knots and Wraps

Explore the iconic world of aerial fabric knots and wraps. Only aerial fabrics allows you to knot and unknot yourself so intricately and so elegantly. Get lost in the unlimited creativity while enjoying the support that the knots and wraps provide.


  Destination Sling will immediately envelop you in the world of aerial dance. The sling is a versatile apparatus for you to explore creating beautiful shapes and sequences within the fabrics. For those with less upper body strength, the support of…

Flight School

. Attend drop-in Flight School classes to learn foundational techniques such as climbing, knots, and inversions that are required for each destination class. You are free to take all classes in Flight School or just the lessons you need for…

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