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Ready to take to the skies? Once limited to an elite few, now Sky Gym brings the amazing art forms of aerial dance and cirque arts to you! We focus on making aerial dance and cirque arts safe and accessible for everyone. Learn how to create breath-taking performances in the air. Our program will build upper-body and core strength, increase range of motion and flexibility, challenge your fears and develop your creativity.

The Sky Gym aerial dance program is for students of all levels ranging from the complete beginner with no experience to professional aerialists. Learn to fly on a variety of equipment such as aerial fabric, trapeze, lyra, aerial rope (corde lisse), and our own unique invented apparatuses. Our classes are designed to fit your unique goals, whether you are looking to get an exciting new work-out, seeking a new creative outlet for expression, or working toward performing professionally. Over the years, we have developed a proven system of training that will take you from absolute beginner to accomplished aerialist. Watch how your body, mind, and spirit transform when your feet leave the ground!

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