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Ugly Sweater Party 12-14-17

Ugly Sweater Party 12-14-17

Grab your ugliest holiday sweater or leggings and join us in a madcap circus style holiday party. We truly appreciate you all making this year the best yet and we want to share the love. Massages, games, smoothies, live DJ, and maybe even some twerking round the Christmas tree and elf tossing to say we care.

When: Thursday, Dec. 14th (8-10pm)
Cost: Free!
Ages: 12+

Featured Guests

Cirque Cirque Bodywork

Mini Massage and Consultation (8-9:30pm)
Brian is a massage therapist who specializes in acrobats and athletes. He personally has a great passion for dance and movement and that extends to helping people that are actively trying to rise above their current physical and life situation.

Peak Performance Chiropractic

Chiropractic for Aerialists (8:15pm)
Meet Dr. Richard Finn and team. They will be giving a short presentation of how chiropractic can make you a better aerialist and get help with recovery and prevention of injuries. Q&A time and free consultations afterwards. If you have weird shoulder, back, hip, etc. stuff going on, they will fix you. Unlike most chiropractors, Dr. Finn actually specializes in extremeties and sports related injuries so he understands the weird injuries we manage to inflict on ourselves.

Apogee 18

Dry needling and Core360 (8:45pm)
Learn how dry needling can release trigger points deep in the muscle allowing them to release. Learn about the new Core360, a cutting edge technology that wakes up dormant muscles in the core and corrects imbalances from injuries or overtraining. Q&A with a licensed Physical Therapist.


Superfood Smoothies
Free superfood smoothies to sustain your revelry.


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