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Sky Dance Classes

Sky Dance Classes

. Dance on air with our Sky Dance classes! This program teaches fundamental techniques and skills in aerial silks that will eventually lead to building aerial performances. Even with no previous experience, the Sky Dance program will train you to become a strong, knowledgeable and confident aerial artist through a progressive series of…

Intro to Sky Dance

  Ready to take to the skies? Once limited to an elite few, now Sky Gym brings the amazing art form of aerial silk dancing to you! We focus on making aerial fabrics safe and accessible for everyone. Learn how to create breath-taking performances in the air. Our program will build…


. After you take the (L0) Intro to Sky Dance or a Sky Yoga class, you can jump right into (L1) Sling classes for fun and less grip intensive sequences, or if you can hang from the fabrics for 10 seconds, join (L1+) Flight School to learn foundations for more advanced Sky Dance…

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