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I never thought I could learn that stuff!

I never thought I could learn that stuff!


December 28, 2011- Google Places


I had heard of aerial silks and things like Cirque du Soleil before but had never actually thought I could learn to do that stuff. When my friend told me she was going to try an aerial silks class I was up for it but didn’t know what to expect. From that first class I have been hooked! I just started advanced classes and I’m still amazed at all that I’ve learned. I always get excited about going to class and learning new things, especially drops and doubles work. Amber and the other instructors are awesome and they really help you learn things at a pace that works for you. Even with no dance, gymnastics or other acrobatic experience I’ve still been able to quickly pick up on a lot, and it’s always exciting to master a new move or drop. Every class is challenging but it’s great to push yourself and your body in new ways. I absolutely love the Sky Gym and I’m hoping that one day I can even get some silks of my own. I highly recommend it for anyone that’s looking for a fun and exciting workout that you will actually look forward to!


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