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Winter Aerial Intensive

Winter Aerial Intensive
Get your fabric fixPrice: $75      (4 hours)
When: December 23, 4-8pm
Come to the first Sky Gym aerial four hour intensive!  McKinley Vitale and Marilyn Chen will lead you through intense aerial training that will have you flying in style! The first half will be focused on flexibility, conditioning, and technical execution of moves. In the second half we will explore performance skills including improvisation and choreography. We will go through exercises to help you prepare routines and learn to work with all styles of music.


  • Cardio
    • warm up to get everyone warm and ready to stretch
  • Conditioning
    • focusing on doing the conditioning moves properly
    • learning what each move targets
    • teaching them what they can do at home without silks to condition
    • will write up a work out sheet that they can use at home
  • Stretching
    • deep stretches to work on flexibility
    • Teaching them about what muscle groups are targeted with each stretch
    • how to stretch properly to not pull muscles
  • Technical execution
    • beginners will work on pull over execution and drills
    • mid level will work on inversions from the ground (ball, straddle) or hammock (inverting from sitting into star hang) or hooks (for more advanced)
    • advanced will work on inverting with straight legs with proper form


  • Improvisation
    • working with small sets of moves to not overwhelm – getting into moves in different ways
    • working with different styles of music to find what they like and expose them to working with anything that’s given
    • adding personal style to aerial moves
  • Choreography
    • tips on how to build routines
    • 2 minute routine building – give themes and have them work on a routine with a mini performance and critique for the group at the end
      • ascending, descending, upside down, straight legs, bent legs, hooks, etc
      • Putting things together


After Intensive Dinner :  We will be grabbing dinner somewhere close to celebrate!


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