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Exposed: Humanity in Motion


Show: Exposed: Experience Humanity in Motion
Cost: $25
Venue: 7 Stages Theater, Atlanta, GA
Dates: June 12: 7-9pm, June 13: 7-9pm, June 14: 2-4pm & 7-9pm,  June 15: 1-3pm & 5-7pm
But Tickets:

Exposed takes an abstract and edgy look at the different aspects of emotion and experiences including defying convention, struggling relationships, and death. The show displays pieces of humanity in their raw, uninhibited form. What makes the show truly spectacular is that it takes place entirely in the air – every act within the show is on a different aerial apparatus, including aerial silks, chains, pole, and trapeze, and invented apparatus.

The Cast of Crossroads are a collection of Sky Gym instructors, students, and alumni. Check out their bios here.

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