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McKinley Maclean – The Explorer

McKinley Maclean – The Explorer


McKinley MacLean was born into an artistic family. At the age of four she began piano lessons, which ignited a deep love of music. When McKinley was eight, she began training in gymnastics and competed for multiple schools until graduating high school. Amidst gymnastics training, McKinley also participated in competitive and team cheerleading where she held an All-State award for all four years of high school. When McKinley began graduate school, she discovered aerial dance at Sky Gym, which became her true passion. She is a founding member of Liquid Sky Performance Company and continues fueling her love of music by playing multiple instruments and singing in local and community choirs such as Georgia State University Women’s Choir and William Baker Festival Singers. Currently, McKinley teaches aerial silks in the Atlanta area, participates in community dance shows such as Dance Chance Atlanta, and performs circus arts with Liquid Sky.

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