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After you take the (L0) Intro to Sky Dance or a Sky Yoga class, you can jump right into (L1) Sling classes for fun and less grip intensive sequences, or if you can hang from the fabrics for 10 seconds, join (L1+) Flight School to learn foundations for more advanced Sky Dance classes. When you are ready to test into an advanced class, let your instructor know during Supervised Practice. They will do a short evaluation with you to determine if you have the pre-requisite skills to join the class. New students with previous aerial experience must also come to Supervised Practice to be evaluated and placed in a class before joining advanced classes.  Check out the pre-requisite skills for each destination here.


(L1) Sling

Pre-requisite: Intro to Sky Dance

Destination Sling will immediately envelop you in the world of aerial dance. The sling is a versatile apparatus for you to explore creating beautiful shapes and sequences within the fabrics. For those with less upper body strength, the support of the sling allows you to distribute your weight throughout your body. For aspiring performers, you will soon realize that sling is king.

Knots & Wraps

(L2) Knots & Wraps

Pre-requisite : basic or Russian climb and descent, single foot knot, double foot knots

Explore the iconic world of aerial fabric knots and wraps. Only aerial fabrics allows you to knot and unknot yourself so intricately and so elegantly. Get lost in the unlimited creativity while enjoying the support that the knots and wraps provide.

Locked Inversions

(L3) Locked Inversions

Pre-requisite: basic or Russian climb and descent, single foot knot, double foot knot, cross-back straddle

Get ready to turn your world upside down. Locked inversions require significant core and upper body strength, so prepare to tone and burn. Learn inverted poses and sequences built off knots that provide support.

Open Inversions

(L4) Open Inversions

Pre-requisite: basic or Russian climb and descent, 2 opposite side and 2 same side hooks, transitions from hooks to hip keys/locks, transcendence wraps and exits

Challenge yourself to push your limits with open inversions. This class focuses on poses and sequences built from unlocked inversions which require a high degree of core and upper body strength.

Dynamic Tails

(L5) Dynamic Tails

Pre-requisite: 2 opposite side and 2 same side hook climbs without touching the ground, clean wheel down x3, transition from hook into back balance with control

Death defying drops and dynamic dangling await the fearless. Learn to use dynamic movement to roll, spin, twist and slide your way to thunderous applause.

Dynamic Sling

(L4) Dynamic Sling

Pre-requisite: pull-over, spider series, 4 min sling choreography

Dive into the world of dynamic sling where momentum and spin combine to create mesmerizing sequences. Rethink the potential of sling with the power and fluidity of dynamic sling.


(L2+) Performance

Pre-requisite : Minimum vocabulary of 8 skills (4 classes)

Do you dream of performing? No matter your skill level, this class will teach you the basics of choreographing and developing your own aerial dance. Bring a basic vocabulary to this class and see what can grow from it. Learn to dance through transitions and sequencing, explore movement, and find your own voice in the air.

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